'51 Chevy 3100 Pickup

The '51 Chevy was purchased by Bob Harvel as a retirement present.  Here is what it looked like at the time of purchase:

LOTS have been done to this truck once we got a hold of it. :) 


The original frame was pitted from years in the elements. 

We boxed the original 51’ frame...

filled all un-necessary holes, welded new custom cross members, grinded the frame and filled all pitting prior to etch and polyester primer.

Frame was finished with 3 coats of House of Kolor Jet Black and 3 coats of House of Kolor Showtime Clear Coat.

The original suspension has been replaced with a TCI Mustang II front end with QA1 Coil Overs.

We deleted the original leaf spring suspension and built a custom, 3-link suspension setup in the rear. 

All suspension components were powder-coated prior to assembly.

The rear end is a Moser Engineering posi-track setup with a custom crafted, stainless steel fuel cell installed at the rear of the frame.

Current work is focused on crafting custom exhaust. 


Engine / Powertrain:
The LQ9 LS engine has been installed onto the frame.  The block, trans, and driveshaft were color coded gold to match other components and accent the House of Kolor KBC Rootbeer paint.  Headers were ceramic coated for heat reduction and longevity.  A GM 4L85 transmission has been installed and connects to a custom crafted drive shaft.


Body / Paint:
The truck will be House of Kolor Jet Black with the front fenders, wheel wells, and running boards painted House of Kolor KBC Root Beer Kandy.  A House of Kolor Goldmine Pearl pinstripe will be added to accent the brown in the root beer paint, the dark brown materials in the the interior, and the gold brake and motor components.

The process starts with 2 coats of House of Kolor Sealer/ Surfacer.

Then the sides were sprayed with House of Kolor Goldmine Pearl as a base for the pinstripe.

Taped off...

Sprayed with House of Kolor Jet Black...

And finished off with 3 coats of House of Kolor Showtime Clear Coat.

The cab and bed were then sanded and received another 3 coats of House of Kolor Showtime Clear Coat.   The interior of the cab received 4 coats of Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation (2 coats for noise reduction and 2 coats of thermal barrier for heat reduction).  This coating can reduce the interior temperature up to 30 degrees cooler than a vehicle that isn't coated.

The fenders, wheel wells, and running boards were sealed and received 4 coats of House of Kolor Rootbeer Kandy paint.

Perhaps the favorite mod we added to the fenders (according to the PMW team) has to be custom HID Halo Headlamps with our logo etched in the diffuser.

In the rear of the truck, custom billet rails hold down the Peruvian Walnut in the bed floor.

We tested several finishes to see what best matched the color scheme of the truck.

Finished product:


Brakes / Rims / Tires:
To give the truck a more aggressive stance, we went with Billet Specialties 18x8.5in front and 20x10.5in rear wheels.

The larger rear wheels made it necessary to modify the truck bed and bed drums.

Original brake calipers have been replaced with 4-piston Brembo brakes.  Calipers were color coated gold to match the block and pick up the gold in the House of Kolor KBC Rootbeer Kandy paint.  They look fantastic under the billet wheels.
(rear wheel shown)


The dash has been modified to house a modern audio system, custom gauges, and AC components. 

An Ididit Steering column will been added topped with Boyd Coddington billet steering wheel.

(pictures coming soon)

Modified Lexus seats as well as other interior components are wrapped in a dark brown ultraleather.

The original 2 piece split windshield was replaced with a a single piece contoured windshield, as well as hand-cut, tinted side & rear safety glass.

The truck was unveiled at the Carl Casper Custom Auto Show in Louisville on Feb 19th.


Once the final touches are finished, we'll have the truck professionally photographed and will post the pictures to this page.

Stay tuned.